Care Providers

Aged Care Facilities are expanding and increasing in numbers to meet the needs of an ageing population. With this comes the demand for technology supporting improved efficiency, asset value protection, compliance and risk mitigation.

Core Vision’s myBuildingsTM Facility Management for Care Providers includes all the necessary features required by facilities and maintenance managers to ensure the smooth running of individual care facilities or a portfolio of properties, whilst ensuring asset value protection.

Risk mitigation and safety are paramount in the management of aged care facilities, myBuildingsTM has all the functionality necessary to control quality, ensure compliance and monitor risk. This includes integrated management of incidents and the necessary rectification.

The system is configurable to suit any type of aged care facility, from villages to multi-unit buildings and scalable to allow the management of individual properties or a portfolio of properties.

Other key features of myBuildingsTM include:

  • Data Analytics
  • Document Management
  • Checklists and Forms
  • Check-in and Sign-in Apps

Work Request Management

- Ad-hoc Work Request Management
- Scheduled Work Request Management (PPM)
- Integrated asset management
- Escalation and alerts (Email and SMS options)
- Management information
- Statistics
- Easy to use on any device
- Help desk interface

Asset Management

- Online asset register
- QR code enabled
- Linked documentation and asset information
- Asset group functionality
- Budget and cost tracking
- Mobile and App interfaces

Contractor Management

- Certificates of currency
- Induction (company-wide and site specific)
- Preferred contractor
- Mobile and App interface
- Risk mitigation

Accounts Payable Automation

- Purchase orders
- Contractor complete
- Online invoice load
- Automated invoice content verification
- Delegated level of authority and approvals

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